NetBooking Golf Pro
– a «must have» to look professional

NetBooking Golf Pro gives you a complete overview of your customers and their appointments. Your customers make their own reservations at leisure, on the Internet. They quickly find available slots and make their bookings. The customers do the job, and you remain in full control.

Advantages for the business…

  • Deeper insight into which pro does what (hours sold, etc.)
  • Workday overview and resource planning: Both for individual pros and as a total overview of the activities in the club or centre
  • Eliminates the possibility of simple errors (e.g. double bookings)
  • The customers will perceive the pros as orderly and professional, preventing 'forgotten appointments' etc.
  • History as well as overview of future bookings/earnings.

for the pros…

  • Structure and overview of own workday
  • Full control over own capacity usage and earnings level
  • Full overview of other pros' bookings in order to advice customers of available slots and improve overall utilization
  • NetBooking Golf Pro belongs in the «must have» class. Each pro gains full control of own time, while sharing the information with others for mutual benefit.

and for the customers

  • Easy overview of pros' availability
  • Access to own history and development
  • Effortless communication with selected pros

No installation – Golf Pro is simple to implement, requiring an absolute minimum of training – for yourself as Head Pro, for your pros and for your customers.

There is naturally nothing to stop your customers from booking pro appointments over the phone or in person. The booking agent will simply enter the booking into the Golf Pro calendar to keep availability up-to-date.




NetBooking Golf Pro

• Easy to implement

• Intuitive

• Economic

• Always available

• Secure

• Reliable


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"Adopting NetBooking Golf has been a very good investment for us. The service simplifies all booking for us as well as for our customers – highly recommended!"

John Uppard
Uppard & Lloyd and
Innesvingen Losby

Current Golf Pro users: Golf Professional AS,
Golfsenteret, Hauger GK, and a number of indoors centre.

Telephone: +47 63 00 59 70